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Sand and Finish


​We specialize in sanding and finishing hardwood floors.  Whether it is a new floor or a floor over 100 years old, we are the company to call. 


Do you have termite damaged floors?  We have the experience to repair termite damage flooring that other companies aren't able to save.  Before you tear out that floor or lay another floor on top of it, give us a call.  We will be honest with you regarding what can or can not be done with the floor.  


When we refinish your floors, not only do you get an exquisite looking floor that looks as good as new but you get a floor that will last for many years to come.




​Our company also provides installations of new hardwood flooring.  Whether it is old fashioned tongue and groove hardwood flooring, prefinish hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring, we are the ones to call.

Custom Tints


​We specialize in custom tints to get you the right look for your floor.

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